Keep away, Keith!

Good news for seal lovers…

‘Keith’ the seal has been saved.

Keith – named after a Royalist commander in the English Civil War – will NOT now be shot by a marksman to protect fish stocks in the River Severn. The Angling Trust has reached an agreement with British Divers Marine Life Rescue BDMLR to move the marine predator back out to sea if necessary. Anglers are keeping the BDMLR informed of Keith’s movements – happily it seems to be travelling back out to sea at present.

Keith appears to have made its way inland in the recent floods and taken to river life – without the salt of the sea. He, or she, is a Grey Seal more usually found on our rocky coasts than in deepest Worcestershire. More information about our native Grey Seals can be found on BBC Nature .

If needed, a sonic device called a ‘scrammer’ can be used to encourage Keith downstream. The irritating noise won’t harm the seal – but may well prevent a return so far from the sea.

A similarly adventurous seal was found swimming in the floods in Cambridgeshire earlier this month.

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