Just swell!

Huge waves delight surfers like Garrett McNamara…

American Garrett McNamara may have  ridden the highest wave ever caught by a surfer on Monday 28th January 2013. The wave was estimated to be 100ft (30m) tall by some. This whopper rose in  Nazaré, Leiria, Portugal where  McNamara surfed the current world-record wave of 78ft (24m) in November 2011.

 They can also give photographers and other artists truly awe-inspiring material:

Here is Big Wave and Whale by Iliane Roels – an artist I’d never heard before –  how lovely:

But scientists and engineers can be equally excited at the prospect of all that power. In one year, October 2011 to Sept 2012,the average wave power measured off the Isle of Lewis, was 75.5 kilowatts per metre.

We are talking about vast amounts of energy being deposited on our shore

Arne Vogler, Senior research engineer with Hebridean Marine Energy Futures

If the calculations prove true, wave power generation down the 200 km coast of the Hebrides could equal 120 Torness-type nuclear power stations. Quite a challenge to create machinery to stand up to waves averaging 12m and reaching 20m+ in hurricane conditions.

More information from the BBC here.


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