Falling in for fun

It’ll never catch on…

A couple of summers ago I had to spend a week on a Greek island. It was tough. Each morning I windsurfed (or, to be strictly accurate, wobbled around on a windsurfer) and each afternoon I sketched, photographed other windsurfers and made copious notes. It was research, you understand, as I’d been commissioned to write ‘Go Windsurfing’ for the Royal Yachting Association and my first task was to learn how to do it. I  had no wish to get too intimate with a wetsuit and cold UK water, however, so a holiday company kindly stepped in with the Greek option.

I’ve just finished checking and tweaking the final proofs from the publishers. The week in Greece seems a long time ago but the book will be out in a month or so – the last in the series, sadly. Not all the research was exotic – ‘Go Inland’ involved a very rainy few days on a narrowboat in the Midlands with rather too many lock gates for my liking, but all part of the job.

Windsurfing is considered a new sport, but I did some digging around and discovered that centuries ago, Polynesian sailors developed board-like sailing craft that they steered standing up. I reckon that as long as there have been humans, there have been boats of one form or another!

Go Windsurfing is the last in the series of children’s ‘how to’ books – it’s been huge fun but sadly, I seem to have covered everything and my bosses at the RYA insist that they really don’t need a book on ‘Beachcoming in the Caribbean’. Never mind, it was fun while it lasted! http://www.rya.org.uk/shop/pages/listing.aspx?mode=c&cat=Children’s+Books(RYA+Main)



  1. Ha ha! Oh well, it was worth a try!

  2. PS your books look great.

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